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Each year as fall approaches, “leaf peepers” from all across the country and all across the world make their way up to New England to catch a glimpse of the leaves as they slowly slip into the striking shades crimson, auburn, and gold. There is nothing quite like watching the fall foliage as it changes in New England, and Maine happens to be one of the best and most popular locations for tourists who want to experience fall in New England. If you are considering taking a trip out to New England this autumn, consider booking a rental property so that you can experience the full rise and peak of fall foliage.

Each year, several independent organizations predict the week during which the foliage in each region of New England will be at its brightest and best. To truly enjoy the fall foliage, it’s best not to come for just one day to watch the leaves as they peak in color. Start your travels a week before the official peak day so that you can watch the process of the transformation.

Extending your stay will also allow you to enjoy many of the cultural activities in Maine. From apple picking to visiting a sugar house, fall is such an important season in New England culture and there are so many ways in which you can fill your downtime. Even though you may be coming for the foliage don’t deprive yourself of a truly full New England experience. Throughout the autumn season, there are also several fall and harvest festivals that bring artists, bakers, and farmers from New England together to showcase the best of what the region can produce.

“Leaf peepers” are looking for a range of experience and should choose the right rental according to the time of the rental and the desired experience. Some choose to make a true vacation of visiting New England in the fall and will opt for larger, homier rentals. Others are coming purely to experience the turn of the leaves, and for those visitors, smaller more modest accommodations may be suitable. Some families choose to combine their New England foliage quest with college touring, and stay anywhere from one to two weeks in the Southern Maine region, rooted in the beautiful rural region with easy access to some of the best schools in the country.

Every “leaf peeper” has a different style and approach to visiting New England in the fall. Regardless of where you stay, the foliage in Maine will be memorable and breathtaking. However, make your entire experience absolutely unforgettable by choosing the perfect rental property in Maine. Experience autumn in New England with a fall foliage rental this season!.

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